Verdicts and Settlements

$4.5 million for two women who were seriously injured in rural Ohio by a driver driving a semi-truck for a national trucking company.The driver of the truck had a history of safety violations including DUI, failed drug test, and multiple speeding tickets and radar use violations, all while working for the carrier. Both women required prolonged hospitalization and surgeries to recover from their injuries and may require further medical treatment in the future. For more information click here.

$2.27 million dollar jury verdict against the City of Chicago for an injured U.S. Postal worker who's leg fell into a sinkhole while he was walking in a pedestrian crosswalk. The injured postal worker sustained a torn ACL and other knee injuries, requiring six surgeries since 2008 and has not been able to return to full duty work. There was no offer to settle before trial. The City of Chicago through medical experts argued that Plaintiff had a pre-existing condition and was not injured to the extent claimed. The jury deliberated in under 5 hours before returning the unanimous verdict in this slip and fall injury case.

$2,250,000.00 for a 46 year old male bicyclist injured at an intersection collision in the Ukrainian Village neighborhood of Chicago. The cyclist was injured by a left turning company vehicle being operated by a runner for a construction company. The cyclist sustained fractures below and above his knee joint, requiring a prolonged hospitalization, surgeries, including complications from infection, as well as mental suffering and depression stemming from his loss of mobility which affected his career as a musician. The cyclist's wife also filed a loss of consortium action for her husband's injuries, which were also part of the global settlement amount.

for the estate of a special needs handicapped adult who died in October of 2011 after she suffered numerous falls at her group home. The decedent, age 60, was a long time resident of a group home for adults with mental disabilities. Beginning in the summer of 2011 she began to experience repetitive falls while in the home, with several of these falls resulting in head injury. Despite her deteriorating health, the group home failed to properly notify her doctors and take her to needed medical appointments. A fall in late September of 2011 resulted in a brain bleed and the decedent was hospitalized for 4 days. Upon returning to the group home, no precautions were taken to monitor her or care for her deteriorating health. As a result, she suffered 4 more falls, the last of which resulted in a head injury which led to her death the same day. The decedent, who was unmarried and had no children or parents, was survived by numerous cousins, including her guardian, age 81.

for the families of 2 minors who suffered third degree burns and scarring to their bodies after being burned with sulfuric acid. The incident occurred when a fellow minor took a container of high grade drain opener containing sulfuric acid and poured it on the 2 injured minors. The sulfuric acid was alleged to be left out on the property where the minors resided. The landlord and property manager at the premises were sued for negligence and settled through their insurance carrier in this child injury case.

on behalf of a 25 year old female boat passenger who was seriously injured when the operator of the boat she was on unexpectedly took a sharp left turn while traveling at speeds in excess of 25 mph n Lake Shelbyville. The young woman was thrown to the side of the boat and sustained a fractured disc in her cervical spine. She required neck surgery, prolonged rehabilitation, and continues to have permanent pain and disability to date. Medical experts retained by Bekkerman Law Offices testified that the young woman will need another surgery in her lifetime to repair the damage to her neck in the accident. This is believed to be the highest settlement ever reported in Shelby County, IL

for a truck driver who was injured in Wisconsin on I-94 when a driver of a u-haul pulled of the side of the road unexpectedly and crashed into his truck. The driver of the u-haul was cited for DWI and arrested. The injured truck driver, male 30, sustained a hernia injury and a knee injury, which required surgery and missed several months off work. The insurance company paid its insurance limits to settle the case.

$600,000.00 for three young men who were injured when a tow truck driver failed to yield the right of way to their car as they were driving on a roadway in Chicago Heights, IL. The tow truck driver pulled out of a parking lot, causing the collision. The three men sustained various soft tissue back and neck injuries, requiring hospitalization, prolonged therapy, and pain management spinal injections.

for the family of a teenage autistic boy who was violently assaulted by a Chicago Police Officer. The autistic minor, 15 years old, was struck by a metal baton over his head in the kitchen of his parent's restaurant in the Little Village neighborhood. He suffered a large scalp laceration with permanent psychological injuries. The mother and sister of the autistic boy also received compensation from the settlement from being assaulted by the officers in the family restaurant. This police brutality child injury case received national attention. For more information on the approval of this settlement please click here.

$450,000.00 for a 32 year old woman who was rear ended by semi tractor-trailer on Interstate 80 in northwest Indiana while driving overnight on her way back home to Chicago. The truck driver admitted to striking the rear of the Plaintiff at 65 mph, but claimed that Plaintiff was driving too slow on the highway. The injured victim sustained injuries to her back and knee, requiring arthroscopic knee surgery and pain management injections for her spine.

for a 39 year old passenger in a vehicle which was struck by a semi tractor-trailer on Interstate 94 in Illinois. The passenger sustained a ligament tear in his wrist requiring surgery as well as neck and back pain requiring physical therapy, but made a full recovery.

uninsured motorist settlement at mediation for a 59 year old male who was involved in a car accident in Chicago with an uninsured driver. The accident caused a cervical disc (neck) herniation which required surgery.

for a truck driver who was rear ended in Nebraska by another semi truck, and sustained soft tissue injuries to his back, for which he required pain management injections and physical therapy as well as a recommended future back surgery

for a customer at a major national hardware and home repair store who sustained soft tissue injury to his back and a head injury after a pallet that was improperly stacked by a store employee fell on him. The pallet fell due to error of the forklift operator stacking the shelves at the store next to Plaintiff.

record jury verdict in Montgomery County, TN in a truck accident case for a family of suburban Chicago residents who were injured on the interstate in rural Tennessee when they were struck from behind by a semi-truck while traveling to a family vacation in Florida. The truck company blamed bad weather and alleged that the mother of the family, the driver, suddenly hit her brakes, contributing to the crash. Three family members sustained soft tissue injuries and one sustained a fractured collarbone. This week long jury trial in Clarksville, TN in July 2013 resulted in the highest ever jury verdict in that jurisdiction for an automobile crash.

workers compensation injury settlement for a 55 year old laborer who fell from a ladder while working at a printing plant in the western suburbs of Chicago. The laborer suffered multiple fractured discs in his spine which required surgery and may never be able to return to work in his former position due to his injuries.

for a 70 year old seasonal employee of a suburban strip mall who slipped and fell on an unnatural accumulation of snow and ice coming from a down spout near several large dumpsters while he was taking out the garbage after his shift. He sustained a head injury with a minor brain bleed and a partial stroke several weeks later, the causation of which was disputed by several doctors.

$300,000.00 for a 7 year old boy who sustained injuries when a dog attacked and bit his face while he was visiting family at a house in downstate Hamilton County, Illinois. The boy suffered injuries to his eyes and face requiring surgery and may have some residual vision issues as he grows older, along with a small scar near his forehead.

for 55 year old female who was rear ended by a teenager driving a Hummer in Northbrook, IL. She sustained soft tissue back injuries and aggravations of her prior chronic back symptoms and fybromialgia, and ultimately underwent a back surgery almost 3 years later.

for a 32 year old woman who was attacked and bit by a dog owned by one of her neighbors in Chicago. The vicious bite by the dog resulted in a deep laceration to her dominant hand, ultimately requiring surgery to repair. The dog owner's insurance company paid its policy limits.

settlement for a 42 year old woman struck by a large open table umbrella which fell from the 3rd floor of a condominium pool in downtown Chicago. The umbrella struck the woman in the right shoulder, causing her to eventually undergo surgery and extensive physical therapy and forced her to miss a significant time from her work.

$250,000.00 for a Chicago truck driver who was injured in rural Ohio when an oil tanker crossed the center line and struck the front of his long haul tractor-trailer. The 25 year old injured driver sustained injuries to his head and teeth, requiring extensive dental work, as well as soft tissue injuries to his neck and back requiring prolonged physical therapy.

for a 44 year old female who was injured in a disputed intersection collision with another driver. As a result of the heavy impact crash, she sustained soft tissue back and neck injuries, requiring pain management treatment and injections. The defendant's insurance company paid its policy limits.

for a Chicago Police Officer who was rear ended twice in a matter of weeks by two different defendants in Chicago. As a result of the combination of the two crashes. she injured her shoulder, and ultimately underwent surgery to repair a torn rotator cuff.

for a Chicago police officer injured in two separate rear end accidents on the South Side of Chicago. The two accidents, which occurred within a month of each other, caused, and then re-aggravated a shoulder injury, requiring surgery. Both at fault drivers paid their policy limits.

for a Chicago police officer injured in two separate rear end accidents on the South Side of Chicago. The two accidents, which occurred within a month of each other, caused, and then re-aggravated a shoulder injury, requiring surgery. Both at fault drivers paid their policy limits.

for a retired construction worker who sustained an injury due to an improperly installed medical device in the bathroom of his suburban Chicago home. As a result of falling in his bathroom, he sustained a fractured femur necessitating a revision of a previous hip replacement he has undergone just 1 month prior.

for a retiree who had recently undergone hip replacement surgery and returned to his home for at home nursing care. A special raised toilet seat to assist him was ordered by his nurses but allegedly improperly installed by the delivery company, causing Plaintiff to fall from the toilet and re-injure his hip, necessitating a revision hip surgery.

settlement for a 35 year old female Chicago resident who was injured in an intersection collision while driving in Baltimore, MD. The defendant driver blamed the client for running a red and no witnesses to the crash were ever found. The female suffered a fractured hip requiring surgery.

settlement for an elderly man who fell out of his hospital bed when the hospital staff failed to secure the bed with proper bed rails and failed to properly monitor the patient. As a result of the fall he sustained a fractured hip which required surgery to repair and several weeks of intensive rehabilitation.

settlement for a woman injured in a car crash when she was a passenger and a turning vehicle cut off the car she was in. The woman sustained injuries to her hip requiring surgery. The insurance company disputed the injuries from the car crash were related due to the client's pre-existing hip arthritis.

for a 59 year old union laborer who was injured while working on a 30 foot ladder doing tuck-pointing on a residential house on the north side of Chicago. The laborer set up his own ladder and was not tied off, but at the direction of the contractor at the property. He fell from the ladder while doing the work, sustaining various facial injuries and rib fractures.

settlement for a 44 year old woman who was involved in an intersection car crashin DuPage County. After the crash she complained of neck pain and was diagnosed with a herniated cervical disc, for which she underwent successful neck surgery, with limited physical therapy and post surgical care, allowing her to return to work. This Illinois car crash case was resolved by Bekkerman Law Offices and the at fault driver's insurance company out of Court within 10 months of the date of accident.

$215,000.00 jury verdict for a 30 year old female cyclist who was injured when a passenger of a taxi cab swung open her door into a designated bike lane on Dearborn Street in the River North neighborhood of Chicago. The trial was against both the taxi cab, for illegally parking partially in the bike lane, as well as the homeowners' insurance of the passenger, for opening the cab door into the bike lane without looking for cyclists. The injuries included a torn labrum, with surgery, and a good recovery for the 30 year old with no future restrictions or treatment required.

for a college student who sustained deep lacerations to his hand, requiring surgery, and permanent scarring to his palm, after he fell down stairs at a fraternity party at a college campus in Chicago. Plaintiff alleged that the property management company failed to secure a construction zone in the basement of the fraternity house and the members of the fraternity failed to warn guests about the construction in the basement.

for a man and a woman injured in a motorcycle accident in Chicago when a van made a turn in front of them in the Rogers Park neighborhood in Chicago. Both motorcycle riders were hospitalized and required extensive treatment but made good recoveries. The case was settled within 6 months as the van's insurance company paid the limits of their insurance coverage for this Chicago motorcycle crash.

for a woman who was hit by a truck while crossing in the crosswalk on the south side of Chicago. The defendant truck driver failed to yield while making a left turn. The injured victim sustained numerous bruises and soft tissue injuries, a concussion, dental injuries, and was forced to take a medical leave of absence from work in this pedestrian injury accident.

for a bike accident injury settlement for a 24 year old male who was struck by a car while riding his bike in Chicago. The young man sustained a tear in his shoulder requiring surgery but made a full recovery in just a few months for this Chicago bicycle accident.

for a 36 year old female cyclist who was cut off by a car on Milwaukee Avenue in Chicago while commuting home from work in a bicycle injury crash. The cyclist was in a bike lane when she was struck by a car looking for a parking spot. She suffered a broken wrist which required surgery and missed several months from her graphic design job.

settlement at mediation for a 25 year old college student who slipped and fell on an unnatural accumulation of ice outside of Wrigley Field while walking with friends on Clark Street in Chicago. An investigation revealed that the ice was left to pile up in an unlit area by a Zamboni machine operated by the staff at the Rink at Wrigley Field, in work performed under the supervision of the Chicago Cubs in this slip and fall injury case.

for a 57 year old woman who fell down the stairs of her apartment building due to loose and cracked stairs. The defendant landlord was notified of the loose stairs but failed to make any repairs until after Plaintiff fell. Plaintiff sustained a broken wrist and a neck injury which ultimately necessitated surgery and extensive physical therapy for this slip and fall injury.

settlement for a 38 year old man who's car was rear ended at a high speed on the Kennedy expressway. He sustained soft tissue low back injuries and re-aggravations of pre-existing neck injuries. His back doctor recommended a surgery in the future for the injuries. The offer to settle this Chicago car crash case before a lawsuit was filed was less than $20,000.00.

jury verdict for a 25 year old student who sustained a broken elbow which needed surgery after the defendant turned his sedan into our client's path in a street with no marked bike lane. Defendant and his passengers argued that plaintiff was driving recklessly and too fast for conditions and this caused the crash. However, after cross examination, it took just under 1 hour for the jury to find 100% fault against defendant in this Chicago bike accident injury case.

settlement for a passenger of a stopped car that was rear ended in traffic. The client, a 30 year old male, sustained a shoulder tear which required surgery and rehabilitation for several months in this Illinois car crash case.

for a suburban Chicago woman who slipped on a pile of ice that accumulated in the driveway of her condominium building. The ice came from water leaking from a broken down spout which had existed for over five years and of which the condominium board was aware of, but failed to repair.

for a motorcyclist who was struck by a turning vehicle in downtown Chicago. The motorcyclist sustained a meniscus injury to his knee with less than $10,000.00 in medical bills and a recommendation for a future surgery from the orthopedic doctor as a result of this Chicago motorcycle crash.

for a 33 year old professional poker player who sustained a fracture in his foot following a car crash in 2012. He did not require surgery and was off crutches and a boot after a few months claiming only residual pain.

for a bicyclist who suffered a broken clavicle after a car struck his bike in Chicago. The at fault driver made a 'left hook' in front of the cyclist and failed to yield, in violation of Chicago and Illinois law. The injured cyclist required surgery with hardware to repair the clavicle and had to miss time away from his job as a bartender and cook.

for a 30 year old truck driver who suffered a deep laceration with ligament damage to his right hand while at a loading dock at the U.S. Naval base in Norfolk, Virginia when a forklift operator dropped a load of crates while loading Plaintiff's tractor-trailer.

for a 42 year old female who slipped and fell on an accumulation of black ice in the parking lot of a gym she was attending an event at. She sustained a lower back and hip injury requiring extensive physical therapy and recommendations for injections for pain management.

for a 42 year old bicyclist who was struck by two separate cars while crossing a street on her bike in Blue Island, IL. The bicyclist was found to be at fault for the incident by the police. However Bekkerman Law Offices attorneys were able to conduct an investigation and locate witnesses which absolved the cyclist of all fault. As a result, the female cyclist who sustained several broken ribs and compression fractures in her spine in this car versus bike crash was able to recover the maximum insurance limits from both the responsible drivers.

for a 26 year old woman who was injured while a passenger in a taxi cab late at night in downtown Chicago. Red light video camera footage of the scene of the intersection showed that a driver had run the red light and struck the taxi with the woman. The video also confirmed that the taxi cab was driving too fast prior to the crash. The woman sustained a hematoma of the liver and required a 3 day hospitalization. The insurance company paid its insurance limits to settle the case in this Chicago taxi crash injury case.

for a 43 year old woman who slipped on a pile of snow and ice while walking to her car in a residential condominium parking lot, causing her to suffer permanent low back injuries in this slip and fall case.

for two 30 year old young men who were injured when a taxi cab turned into their vehicle in Chicago. Both men refused medical treatment at the scene but then one of the men developed a hip pain and needed to use a cane to walk for a few weeks, and the other man started complaining of neck pain, which was ultimately diagnosed as a herniated cervical disc. The injury did not require surgery. Total medical bills for both men were under $10,000.00.

for a 31 year old woman who was rear ended in stopped traffic in the west loop in Chicago. She sustained an ankle ligament tear and a low back injury causing her to miss time from work and undergo extensive physical therapy. The woman's own auto insurance company paid the majority of the settlement under her under insured motorist (UIM) policy after the at fault driver's state minimal insurance coverage policy was tendered in full for this Chicago automobile crash case.

for a cyclist struck by a delivery truck that was passing him on the left as the cyclist was proceeding on a busy street without a marked bike lane. The cyclist sustained a partial shoulder tear requiring surgery and rehabilitation. The police report could not determine which party was responsible for this Chicago bike accident.

for a man struck by a taxi cab while crossing a ‘loop' street in a crosswalk and suffering a broken leg without surgery.

for a woman struck by an uninsured driver while crossing a street and suffering multiple spinal disk injuries.

for an elderly male who was left unattended in a standing xray machine at a suburban hospital despite having a history of vertigo, dizziness, and recent falls. As a result of falling while left unattended by the hospital staff, he fell, and struck his head, suffering a small brain bleed which resolved after a few weeks.

settlement for a 24 year old bicyclist who was a victim of a "dooring" incident in the Wrigleyville neighborhood. The cyclist sustained a broken collarbone and a shoulder injury. The insurance company for the at fault driver paid its insurance policy limits after a lawsuit was filed.

settlement for a bicyclist who was struck by a turning vehicle on a dark, poorly lit street on Chicago's north side. The cyclist sustained a tear in his shoulder which required surgery and left him off work for 4 weeks.

These are in addition to dozens of other settlements and jury verdicts for our clients in any of the following practice areas.
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$4.5 million for two women who were seriously injured in rural Ohio by a driver driving a semi-truck for a national trucking company.The driver of the truck had a history of safety violations including DUI, failed drug test, and multiple speeding tickets and radar use violations, all while working for the carrier. Both women required prolonged hospitalization and surgeries to recover from their injuries and may require further medical treatment in the future. For more information click here.

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Firm News

November 2016
Bekkerman Law Offices is proud to announce that a $2,250,000.00 settlement has been reached in The Circuit Court of Cook County on behalf of a 46 year old man who sustained significant injuries to his right knee following a bicycle accident in June of 2014. The case was settled on the eve of trial by Gerald Bekkerman and Jennifer Bekkerman of Bekkerman Law Offices. The lawsuit stemmed from a bike crash on Damen and Chicago Avenue in which the Plaintiff, a 46 year old musician, was riding in a bike lane on his way to work. At the same time, an employee of a construction company, driving a company vehicle, a Honda Insight, made a left hand turn into the path of the cyclist, causing a collision. There were no witnesses to the occurrence. Plaintiff alleged he had the right of way on a green light and was riding in the bike lane. Defendant claimed he entered the intersection, stopped, waited for traffic to pass, and then as he was making a left turn, the cyclist came out of nowhere crashing into his car. Bekkerman Law Offices retained an accident reconstruction expert to support Plaintiff's version, and dis-prove the defendant driver's. The settlement amount takes into account the severity of the injuries, including right knee trauma, with fractures above and below the knee joint, and several surgeries to place and remove hardware. The settlement also compensates the Plaintiff and his family for the two year struggle he has had to overcome his injuries through several surgeries, dozens of therapy sessions, prolonged hospitalizations, and for his severe mental and physical pain and anguish.

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The service at Bekkerman Law Offices is phenomenal...Gerald never stopped fighting the two and a half years he worked on my case. He made sure I got treatment so I could get healthy and relieve the pain and financial burden that comes when you are injured. Gerald is caring, dedicated, compassionate, hardworking, and he never gives up...Gerald fought hard and won my case and now I get to be another one of his highly satisfied clients.

Corthenia D., former client

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