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Being hit by a car on your bike is a traumatic experience and one that every city cyclist hopes never to encounter. But if such a thing were to happen, it's important to follow a procedure so you can properly file a report with the police.
First, make sure the driver (if they haven't already hit and run) stays at the scene until police arrive. If the driver refuses to cooperate, quickly write do...
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Do you ride your bike down Wells St in Chicago often? Have you noticed anything different about your commute over the summer? A couple months ago, the Chicago Department of Transportation re-timed the lights on Wells St. in River North between Huron St. and Wacker Dr. so that cyclists traveling twelve miles per hour would be able to hit all green lights for over half a mile.

Stopping and startin...
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While the most important part of learning the rules of the road is for the general safety of yourself and others, there's another reason it's important to know the law: avoiding fines. Biking is obviously a cost-effective way to get around the city of Chicago. Buying and maintaining a bike is definitely cheaper than 12 monthly CTA passes, and let's not get started on parking tickets and other t...
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It's that time of the year again. You don't want to let go of that summer sun shine, but the brisk breeze in the air means it's time to put away the jean shorts and flip-flops. But don't worry, because riding a bike in the fall can be one of the most enjoyable times of the year. Here are a few tips to making it even better.

Dress appropriately. Any seasoned bike riding veteran will corroborate t...
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The phrase "just like riding a bicycle" makes it seem that just hopping on a bike and cruising around is the most simple thing in the world. And while biking in Chicago is certainly one of the most enjoyable pleasures of living in this city, there are ways to make the experience even better. Read the list below about some common mistakes that bikers both amateur and experienced are guilty of.

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$4.5 million for two women who were seriously injured in rural Ohio by a driver driving a semi-truck for a national trucking company.The driver of the truck had a history of safety violations including DUI, failed drug test, and multiple speeding tickets and radar use violations, all while working for the carrier. Both women required prolonged hospitalization and surgeries to recover from their injuries and may require further medical treatment in the future. For more information click here.

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Firm News

November 2016
Bekkerman Law Offices is proud to announce that a $2,250,000.00 settlement has been reached in The Circuit Court of Cook County on behalf of a 46 year old man who sustained significant injuries to his right knee following a bicycle accident in June of 2014. The case was settled on the eve of trial by Gerald Bekkerman and Jennifer Bekkerman of Bekkerman Law Offices. The lawsuit stemmed from a bike crash on Damen and Chicago Avenue in which the Plaintiff, a 46 year old musician, was riding in a bike lane on his way to work. At the same time, an employee of a construction company, driving a company vehicle, a Honda Insight, made a left hand turn into the path of the cyclist, causing a collision. There were no witnesses to the occurrence. Plaintiff alleged he had the right of way on a green light and was riding in the bike lane. Defendant claimed he entered the intersection, stopped, waited for traffic to pass, and then as he was making a left turn, the cyclist came out of nowhere crashing into his car. Bekkerman Law Offices retained an accident reconstruction expert to support Plaintiff's version, and dis-prove the defendant driver's. The settlement amount takes into account the severity of the injuries, including right knee trauma, with fractures above and below the knee joint, and several surgeries to place and remove hardware. The settlement also compensates the Plaintiff and his family for the two year struggle he has had to overcome his injuries through several surgeries, dozens of therapy sessions, prolonged hospitalizations, and for his severe mental and physical pain and anguish.

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The service at Bekkerman Law Offices is phenomenal...Gerald never stopped fighting the two and a half years he worked on my case. He made sure I got treatment so I could get healthy and relieve the pain and financial burden that comes when you are injured. Gerald is caring, dedicated, compassionate, hardworking, and he never gives up...Gerald fought hard and won my case and now I get to be another one of his highly satisfied clients.

Corthenia D., former client

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