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Chris O. (Bike Accident)

Chris, a student was riding his bike in Chicago on Dearborn Street in the 'Loop' when a defendant driving a Mercedes cut him off when turning into a parking lot. Chris hit the brakes but was unable to stop, flying over the handlebars. As a result of the defendant's negligence, Chris fractured his elbow and required surgery. The defendant and his 3 passengers denied that defendant was at fault and blamed Chris for not paying attention and going too fast on his bike. The case went to a jury trial in Cook County and after a 4 day trial and extensive cross examinations of the passengers, the jury found 100% fault for the driver and zero contributory negligence for Chris. The jury then awarded over $155,000.00 for his pain and suffering, medical bills, and loss of normal life.

Wantan M. (Slip/Trip and Fall- Street Defect Accident)

While working an overtime shift as a U.S. Post Office mail carrier, Wantan was crossing Kimball Street at Altgeld in the Logan Square neighborhood in Chicago when, while in the middle of a crosswalk, his right foot fell into a sinkhole that was left un-barricaded.  Wantan was unable to see the sinkhole, about the size of a basketball, because his mail cart full of packages and letters blocked his view. Bekkerman Law Offices took the case and after a thorough investigation it was discovered that the sinkhole had been present at that crosswalk for 7 months. Numerous 311 calls from concerned citizens went un-answered by the City and even three trips to the scene by repair workers failed to remedy the problem.

Unfortunately for Wantan, as a result of stepping into the sinkhole, he twisted his right knee, tearing his ACL. Over the next 5 years he ultimately underwent 6 separate knee surgeries and was unable to work at his job for several years due to his movement restrictions. He incurred hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost wages and medical bills. He was going to need to change careers and incur more medical bills in the future.

The City of Chicago made no offer to settle the case. It proceeded to a jury trial in Cook County and after a week of testimony from witnesses, medical experts and economists, the jury unanimously awarded Wantan more than 2.27 million dollars for his damages, and putting all fault on the City. With the money Wantan was able to pay back his bills, make up his lost wages, and can securely know that his future medical treatment and future lost wages will be accounted for thanks to the great work of Bekkerman Law Offices.

Phil L. (Car Accident)

Phil and one of his friends were sitting in traffic on the Kennedy on a summer day in 2011 when out of nowhere a defendant driver struck the rear of his car at 30 mph, totaling his car. While initially thinking he was ok, after a few days, Phil went to seek treatment for his back injuries suffered in the crash. After diagnostic tests showed lumbar disc bulges, Phil tried some physical therapy, with no immediate relief. The insurance company offered him under $20,000.00 for his time from work and medical bills incurred. Phil hired Bekkerman Law Offices to fight for him in Court. After a lawsuit was filed, the depositions of the medical doctors confirmed the severity and permanency of Phil's low back disc issues and that these issues were caused by the car accident. Just prior to trial, staring at a potentially devastating jury verdict, the defendants increased their settlement all the way to $175,000.00, accounting for Phil's likely future medical treatment and future pain and suffering.

Tim M. (Bike accident)

Tim, a law student studying for the bar exam, was riding his bike home from bar prep class on Clybourn Avenue in Lincoln Park when an SUV came from his left and turned into a bank parking lot, cutting off Tim's path of travel. Tim hit the brakes and wound up flying over the handlebars of his bike. He sustained a lacerated kidney with blood in his urine and required 4 days of hospitalization.

Although the driver admitted to turning without seeing Tim on his bike, an unfriendly witness at the scene told police that in his opinion Tim was riding his bike too fast and was at fault for crashing into the SUV that cut him off. Based on this witness' testimony, the insurance company for the SUV refused to pay for any of Tim's extensive medical bills and did not offer a single dollar to Plaintiff prior to trial. Other law firms refused to take the case to trial but Gerald Bekkerman of Bekkerman Law Offices was able to cast doubt on the witness' opinions during cross examination and convinced a jury to return a verdict for Plaintiff, compensating him for his medical bills, pain and suffering and loss of his normal life following the collision.

Corthenia D. (Uninsured Car Accident)

Corthenia and her young daughter were crossing the street, standing between the yellow lines of a median in a busy Chicago street, when a careless driver talking on her cell phone made an illegal U-turn and struck Corthenia in the street. Corthenia was thrown through the windshield of the car and suffered a serious aggravation of a pre-existing lower back disk injury, requiring prolonged hospitalization. The driver who struck her did not have any automobile insurance.

Corthenia retained another law firm to pursue a claim against her own automobile insurance under the uninsured motorist (UM) insurance policy. Her insurance refused to pay any of Corthenia's medical bills or compensate her for her time off work. After nearly a year of no progress on her case, Corthenia fired her lawyer and retained Gerald Bekkerman as her attorney. Mr. Bekkerman aggressively worked on Corthenia's claim. He filed the case for arbitration with the American Arbitration Association, forcing the insurance company to meaningfully participate. He met with Corthenia's doctors and presented a causal connection between the trauma and the re-aggravation of the lower back disk injury. One week before arbitration, the insurance company tendered the full limits of the un-insured motorist policy, resulting in a six figure recovery for Corthenia.

Jamie T. (Slip and Fall)

Jamie was a resident in her condominium complex when she fell on a buildup of ice and snow in the back parking lot of the condo while walking to her car. The buildup of snow and ice in the back lot was due to the failure of the condominium complex to clean and remove snow in the parking lot. The snow melted and re-froze, causing a dangerous icy surface. As a result of her fall, Jamie suffered a serious lower back disk injury, re-aggravating a previously injured disk. The disk injury caused Jamie neurological problems and eventually Jamie required discectomy surgery. Jamie missed months of work and required extensive physical therapy.

The condominium complex's insurance company refused to accept fault for their failure to clean and remove the snow and ice. They also denied that Jamie's lower back injuries and surgery was related to her slip n' fall and refused to help pay any of her medical bills. Jamie hired Gerald Bekkerman to represent her. After numerous depositions and court battles, Mr. Bekkerman was able to prove that the condominium complex knowingly failed to remove snow and ice from the back parking lot despite previous complaints and that this failure was contrary to both the bylaws of the condominium and also in violation of a local village ordinance. Instead of going to trial, the condominium complex asked for a settlement conference with a Judge at which time they agreed to pay Jamie a six figure settlement for her past medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering and related damages.

These are just some of the hundreds of success stories from the clients Bekkerman Law Offices has helped since 2010. Read more about our verdicts and settlement here.


Jake M., former client

I had the very unfortunate experience of being blind-sided by an Escalade who ran a red light and T-boned my vintage and beautifully restored Porsche, turning it into a fireball and complete loss. I was lucky to walk away from the accident, but I was severely injured and unable to work, on top of losing my car. Luckily Mr. Bekkerman walked me through the entire process with confidence and expertise, making a seemingly difficult situation relatively easy and manageable. At the end of the day, Mr. Bekkerman got me a very favorable outcome, with complete reimbursement of all medical expenses, time and quality of life lost, and compensation far over and above the cost and restoration of my car. He was an absolute pleasure to work with and exceeded any and all expectations I had.

Landon B, former client

I was referred to Bekkerman Law Offices by two other attorneys after I was severely injured slipping on ice left out carelessly in a parking lot at night at a business I was visiting. As soon as we began the process of filing a suit, Gerald told me exactly what the process would entail. Everything went the way he said it would. I never doubted his expertise, as he was always genuine and positive. The legal process takes time (which was emphasized heavily from the beginning) but he was great about keeping my up to speed. I found this quite comforting. Also, every contact I had with him began with him showing genuine concern for my personal well-being, before reviewing the facts. I never intended to come out ahead after all was said and done. I simply wanted compensation for my immense medical bills (I was uninsured). Gerald knew that my case was more valuable though. The outcome was way more fruitful than I could have ever expected. It was a combination of this and him just being a good person that inspired me to write this review.

Tim Fiscella, Owner of The Law Offices of Tim Fiscella

Gerald Bekkerman is extremely hard-working, smart, and professional. He is honest and straight-forward with his clients and an exceptionally skillful advocate. I have and will continue to recommend his services to colleagues, friends, and clients.

Vadim Shifrin, owner of Shifrin Law Group

Mr. Bekkerman is known throughout his community as one of the brightest and most aggressive personal injury attorneys. His dedication to his clients is unparalleled. You will not find a more diligent and loyal advocate for your cause.

Mark Javier, Owner of the Javier Law Firm

Gerald Bekkerman is an extremely thorough and caring lawyer. I do not hesitate to refer personal injury matters to him. The clients are always well attended to and get the highest level of attention. Bekkerman Law Offices is a great asset to my practice.

Jeff W., former client

Mr. Bekkerman and his staff are extremely nice and professional and Mr. Bekkerman is an aggressive and compassionate attorney. I would recommend Bekkerman Law Offices to anyone looking for a personal injury attorney in the greater Chicago area.

Andrew P, former client

I was struck head on by a drunk driver in the middle of a busy downtown Chicago street. I faced a long recovery. With no health insurance, my medical bills piled up. I was also unable to work. Mr. Bekkerman worked with me every step of the way to make sure bill collectors stayed away, that my lost wages were recovered, and that the drunk driver's insurance company paid handsomely for what he did to me. I was thoroughly impressed with Mr. Bekkerman and thank him for his hard work.

Michael Gunderson, Partner at Gunderson & Tharp

Gerald Bekkerman has a unique skill set and tenacious nature that has translated into substantial verdicts and settlements for clients we have referred to him. When taking on Personal Injury matters, I count on Gerald's experience and know how to ensure the case reaches a favorable result for the client.

Brian Berlin, Attorney at the Chaet Kaplan Baim Firm

Gerald Bekkerman is a name we have seen, and will continue to see, attached to large verdicts and settlements. In a short time, he has separated himself from a large community of skilled practitioners, not only with his results, but with his reputation amongst clients and attorneys. As an attorney, you refer clients and family to many different colleagues. Gerald Bekkerman is one colleague I reserve for family.

Corthenia D., former client

The service at Bekkerman Law Offices is phenomenal. I was involved in an accident that left me severely injured. I was frightened and unsure of what would happen to me in the future. I was referred by a friend to call Gerald J. Bekkerman and I was pleased right from the beginning with the personal service I was given. We met immediately and he explained what he could do for me without the sugar coating. He said "It would be a fight." Gerald never stopped fighting the two and a half years he worked on my case. He made sure I got treatment so I could get healthy and relieve the pain and financial burden that comes when you are injured. Gerald is caring, dedicated, compassionate, hardworking, and he never gives up, that's a rare thing to see in a lawyer. I would have never made it if it wasn't for him. Gerald fought hard and won my case and now I get to be another one of his highly satisfied clients.

Jordan Finfer, Attorney at DiMonti & Lizak

Gerald obtains great results for his clients because he cares about his clients. For Gerald it is not just about collecting a fee, it is about improving the quality of life of the individuals he represents. When you realize his motivation in representing each client it is easy to understand why he is a rising star in the field of personal injury.

Sunney Kohlhoss, owner of SK Law Offices

Gerald Bekkerman has proven to be a leader in personal injury representation. I began referring personal injury matters to Mr. Bekkerman in 2007, and since then he has achieved favorable results across the board. Jerry's empathy and attention to detail set him apart as a leading attorney in his field. I strongly recommend his services to anyone in need of plaintiff's representation.

Louis M, former client

When a semi-truck ran me off the road, injuring me and destroying my car, things were bad. Then, to make it worse, the insurance company placed me at fault. I thought there would be no justice. But Gerald took my case, filed a lawsuit against the trucking company, and was able to prove the truck driver was at fault. They wound up paying for my medical bills and damages. Gerald went above and beyond my expectations and put a smile on my face.
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$4.5 million for two women who were seriously injured in rural Ohio by a driver driving a semi-truck for a national trucking company.The driver of the truck had a history of safety violations including DUI, failed drug test, and multiple speeding tickets and radar use violations, all while working for the carrier. Both women required prolonged hospitalization and surgeries to recover from their injuries and may require further medical treatment in the future. For more information click here.

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November 2016
Bekkerman Law Offices is proud to announce that a $2,250,000.00 settlement has been reached in The Circuit Court of Cook County on behalf of a 46 year old man who sustained significant injuries to his right knee following a bicycle accident in June of 2014. The case was settled on the eve of trial by Gerald Bekkerman and Jennifer Bekkerman of Bekkerman Law Offices. The lawsuit stemmed from a bike crash on Damen and Chicago Avenue in which the Plaintiff, a 46 year old musician, was riding in a bike lane on his way to work. At the same time, an employee of a construction company, driving a company vehicle, a Honda Insight, made a left hand turn into the path of the cyclist, causing a collision. There were no witnesses to the occurrence. Plaintiff alleged he had the right of way on a green light and was riding in the bike lane. Defendant claimed he entered the intersection, stopped, waited for traffic to pass, and then as he was making a left turn, the cyclist came out of nowhere crashing into his car. Bekkerman Law Offices retained an accident reconstruction expert to support Plaintiff's version, and dis-prove the defendant driver's. The settlement amount takes into account the severity of the injuries, including right knee trauma, with fractures above and below the knee joint, and several surgeries to place and remove hardware. The settlement also compensates the Plaintiff and his family for the two year struggle he has had to overcome his injuries through several surgeries, dozens of therapy sessions, prolonged hospitalizations, and for his severe mental and physical pain and anguish.

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The service at Bekkerman Law Offices is phenomenal...Gerald never stopped fighting the two and a half years he worked on my case. He made sure I got treatment so I could get healthy and relieve the pain and financial burden that comes when you are injured. Gerald is caring, dedicated, compassionate, hardworking, and he never gives up...Gerald fought hard and won my case and now I get to be another one of his highly satisfied clients.

Corthenia D., former client

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