Success Stories

John D. (Bike Accident)

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These are just some of the hundreds of success stories from the clients ACME Law Offices has helped since 2010. Read more about our verdicts and settlement here.


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Jane D, former client

Verdicts & Settlements

for the families of 2 minors who suffered third degree burns and scarring to their bodies after being burned with sulfuric acid. The incident occurred when a fellow minor took a container of high grade drain opener containing sulfuric acid and poured it on the 2 injured minors. The sulfuric acid was alleged to be left out on the property where the minors resided. The landlord and property manager at the premises were sued for negligence and settled through their insurance carrier in this child injury case.

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Firm News

December 2009
ACME Law Offices files civil rights lawsuit against Police Officers who violently assaulted a teenager in her family's restaurant.
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The service at ACME Law Offices is phenomenal...John never stopped fighting the two and a half years he worked on my case. He made sure I got treatment so I could get healthy and relieve the pain and financial burden that comes when you are injured. John is caring, dedicated, compassionate, hardworking, and he never gives up...John fought hard and won my case and now I get to be another one of his highly satisfied clients.

Corthenia D., former client

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